Subhash Chandra seeks Rs. 200 Crore aid through Bombay High Court, alleging it was Naveen Jindal who delivered a powerful punch on his nose..

The Zee – Jindal war continues as Zee owner Subhash Chandra is said to have filed a Rs 200 crore defamation suit against a NGO and Focus News at the Bombay High Court. Crying foul and witch-hunting for a Naveen Jindal link in sensational allegations made against Chandra family owned firm Essel Infrastructure Projects, the company has sought damages from the NGO and Focus News. Interestingly, former Union Minister Matang Sinh is also named as a defendant in the case in capacity of Chairman of the news channel, rumored to have been funded by Naveen Jindal.

The basis of arriving at the figure of Rs. 200 crore damages is not clear yet. Though it is said that a small time NGO from Bhopal conducted a press conference at Delhi to expose a Corporate – Media – Political nexus days before the General Election results. In the presser, the NGO accused Subhash Chandra firm for flouting the conditions under which 50 acres of land was given to them at subsidized rates in 2006. The NGO claimed that there has been no progress whatsoever on the project between 2006 to 2014 and demanded that the land be taken back from the firm. Documents exhibited on the website of Jan Adhikar Manch make allegations on Subhash Chandra’s firms seeking government investigation into the allegations.

A source from legal fraternity feels, “The onus to prove that Subhash Chandra owned firm suffered losses of Rs. 200 crore is on them. In general, small NGO’s are sitting ducks against large corporates and get pressurized when costly legal proceedings are initiated against them. Any court will examine the truth behind allegations before passing an order”. Another source points that Subhash Chandra’s own legal team has a fractured view on the merits of the suit filed by them. “Its personal. If Naveen Jindal is behind the calculated attack, so has Subhash Chandra been attacking Jindal Empire? Let one court decide all allegations and counter-allegations without making mockery of the system”.

The excerpts of the plaint viewed by the blogger show that the grounds of the case itself are weak and may have been thrown out if it was not the might of a media baron behind the filing. And linking Naveen Jindal directly to Focus News report or NGO is a mammoth task for Zee for the case to result in any favorable diktat for Subhash Chandra. If Chandra is able to solve the jigsaw connecting Jindal – Focus – NGO nexus, it will be a major victory for Zee camp. Initial indications from Zee camp reveals cluelessness about what transpired and how the dots connect with each other. That may be the reasons of a specialized firm to be given the task to solve the mystery, by hook or by crook.

BJP gives an embarrassing slap on Subhash Chandra’s face, for eyeing a MLA ticket to settle scores with Congress man Naveen Jindal

In a reversal of trend where Zee promoter Subhash Chandra has had an upper hand over his bête noire Naveen Jindal throughout 2014, the Media Baron has been shown his place by none other than BJP for trying to jump into electoral politics to settle personal scores with Billionaire Industrialist and Congress man Naveen Jindal. Subhash Chandra showing his typical false ego of a media baron had recently jumped into the queue to get a BJP ticket to fight sitting MLA and Naveen Jindal’s mother Savitri Jindal. Chandra was hopeful that a BJP ticket for fighting elections from Hissar would be a cakewalk, till he found his face smeared in cow dung.

Chandra who showed a brave face, stated that he would continue to support the BJP and their candidate from Hissar. However knowing the cunningness and guile of the ageing man, observers indicate that BJP may have made an enemy inside the party cadres. This however comes as a victory for Naveen Jindal without even a single bullet having been shot in this round of the Zee – Jindal Saga. For a year or so, Chandra camp has been firing all cylinders on the Jindal camp by meticulous planning and patience to shake the foundation of Naveen Jindal’s business empire and political career.

BJP rejecting Chandra’s bid for a ticket also comes a relief to Naveen Jindal, who has been under pressure from multiple fronts after loosing elections in May and his companies being hit badly by the SC views on coalgate. Jindal is also the Chairman of Publicity Committee for Congress in the forthcoming Haryana Assembly elections.

Sources indicate that BJP top brass was clear that a party ticket is not meant for settling personal scores, what Subhash Chandra was eyeing. Another informed person claims that Chandra faced tremendous resistance from the Aggarwal Clan of Hissar who do not want the influence of the community to be diluted in the Jat dominated state. Another unreliable source claims that Subhash Chandra ended up paying the price of taking on the mighty Anil Ambani recently by exposing the CBI Chiefs Residence Visitor Register. Whatever be the reason, the dreams of a dream merchant have been shattered prematurely. Does it mark the reversal of fortunes and paves way for Naveen Jindal to get even for the past losses?

More famous and infamous names of 2G, Coal and other scams set to tumble out as Ranjit Sinha’s meetings in and out of office under lens

Whether a CBI Chief can be friends with lobbyists like Deepak Talwar and alleged hawala operators like Moin Qureishi to host them frequently at his official residence is a question that doesn’t need a response from any quarter. Nor does a question whether a CBI Chief should be hosting meetings with elements like Tony Jesudasan or coal scam clouded Devendra Darda when the investigations are at crucial stages.

CBI Chiefs initial response that his “Personal life” cannot be probed has been shrugged by every listener. And for all the right reasons as by his own admission if CBI Chief knows and mixes with elements like Tony Jesudasan and Deepak Talwar, the whole process of investigations may need to be done from scratch.

The names which have tumbled out so far in a detailed story by Indian Express to give company to Anil Ambani Group executives may see many more additions as the recipients of the photocopy of the register start deciphering the names entered by security guards. If a source is to be believed, some of the names may come as a shock to many of us.

A Steel Baron (not Naveen Jindal) who was recently in news relating to a Bank Loan may also have been a visitor to the CBI House at 2 Janpath. Many other people, under various stages of investigation as reported in the media may also be noted in “Sinha Register”, reminding of the “Jain Diary” days. The Sinha Register is now under a thorough scrutiny and so are the vehicles who carried these “Guests” home.More skeletons may tumble out, before Narendra Modi takes the final call on the next 3 months of Sinha as the CBI Director. Sunday is going to be a crucial day for that decision.

While the rest of the allegations and names can continue being deciphered, the biggest concern Narendra Modi Government should be having from Sinha’s continuation is the CBI Chief’s ignorance on the fact that a Register was being maintained at his Gate by the security guards. If head of India’s Federal Police is not aware of such an entry register at his own house, which his wife perhaps knew, he should be automatically disqualified from being the CBI Chief. After all, Charity Begins at Home, and so does Awareness.. 

Naveen Jindal’s JSPL heading towards 52 week low on stock exchanges, as Subhash Chandra’s Zee struggles to sustain over 300 to beat its 52-week High.

The fortunes of Hissar are on a swing.. Its not only the rivalry between Naveen Jindal and Subhash Chandra that’s going to be fought on the soil of their hometown leaving people of Hissar to give the verdict. Subhash Chandra who has had an upper hand over Naveen Jindal throughout this year is ahead on the stock markets too.

The stock price of Naveen Jindal’s flagship firm JSPL on September 4 closed at Rs. 229 per share with a market capitalization of shade lower than Rs. 21,000 crore. In comparison, Subhash Chandra’s flagship Zee Entertainment closed at Rs. 284 per share implying a market capitalization of shade above Rs. 29,000 crore. Jindal Steel saw a low of Rs 223, remaining marginally above its 52-week low of Rs. 217 level. It was a mere 2 weeks back on August 20th that JSPL almost kissed the Rs. 300 level remaining short by mere 40 paise in the days high. Subhash Chandra’s Zee Entertainment missed crossing the Rs. 300 mark on the same day by a mere 20 paise.

Since August 21, JSPL Stock has slumped from Rs. 299.60 to Rs. 223 on September 4 to close at Rs. 229. A drop of Rs. 70, showing a over 20% fall in JSPL share in less than 10 trading days.

With the nature of both businesses significantly different, Jindal is commanding a price of Rs. 229 on a book value of Rs 142. While Chandra with a book value of Rs. 19 is commanding a price of Rs. 284 in the market. JSPL Share touched its recentmost lowest of Rs. 180 in August 2013, close to the level which Zee Entertainment share saw in October 2012 days after Naveen Jindal’s firm had filed a complaint alleging extortion by the Subhash Chandra owned Zee News.

Jindal Steel share was around Rs. 435 in October 2012, which corresponds to the time period when Ravi Kant Uppal took over as the MD and CEO. From that date, JSPL has been playing see saw to slide once again to the amusement of some old timers who brand the new MD as jinxed for Naveen Jindal’s business empire. To add to Subhash Chandra’s delight, detractors of Ravi Uppal feel that his jinx would take JSPL to Rs. 150 level, unless Naveen Jindal gets a boss to supervise Uppal to subdue the vibrations that have clouded the dream run of a visionary who was known for his Midas Touch in pre-Uppal regime at JSPL. 

Naveen Jindal comes out to bat for Coal Mine Investors, as Zee debates point towards cancellation of JSPL Blocks hitting Industry…

The Chairman of Jindal Steel and Power Naveen Jindal has come out in the open in support of the private coal miners who dig out coal for their captive plants. JSPL incidentally bagged 9 coal blocks under the policy termed illegal by a SC Bench. As per news reports, 3 blocks of JSPL are functional and another one is likely to go operational in a few months. Two blocks of JSPL were cancelled earlier and the company had approached the High Court.

Jindal pointed that the industry has made an investment of Rs. 4 lakh crore out of which Rs 2.5 lakh crore are funded through bank loans. Also seeking clarity on the issue, the Congressman supported the policy which remained in force from 1993 onwards.

On the other hand, the news empire of his bête noire Subhash Chandra has been getting sweet revenge by painting Jindal as the poster boy of the Coal Scam. Two years ago, Naveen Jindal in a sensational press conference alleged that Zee was trying to extort Rs 100 crore from JSPL. Jindal showed excerpts of a sting tape after which 2 top editors of Zee had to spend few weeks under arrest.

By painting Jindal as the poster boy of coal scam, Zee in effect is emphasizing on their earlier counter allegations that it was Jindal camp who tried to bribe their editors for blacking out coverage on CAG coal report. Zee’s debates and stories have been critical of Coal Miners, especially Jindal and go towards forming an opinion for cancellation of all coal blocks allocated till date. This would effect Jindal’s 3 operational coal blocks virtually shrinking the falling profits of JSPL.

Two years later, Zee is getting back at Jindal to get the sweet revenge they have worked day and night tirelessly. While Zee Chief Subhash Chandra is alleged to have blocked Naveen Jindal’s hop-over to BJP, Zee News is dedicating a high share of their prime airtime to malign Jindal. As Subhash Chandra prepares to take on the Jindal Matriarch Savitri Jindal in the forthcoming Assembly Polls of Haryana from Hissar. All happening around the same months as 2 years ago, as Subhash Chandra aims to cut a big cake on 30th November to celebrate victory and his 64 birthday to start a new innings of his life.

Subhash Chandra starts a new innings as a News Anchor, as he tries to jump into politics in his war with Naveen Jindal

Indian Media Moghul Subhash Chandra who would soon be turning 64 appears to be changing tracks after 40 years of a dream business career. The man is all set to become an anchor on his own Zee News, hoping that the show on entrepreneurship will end up making him a popular public figure bringing him closer to Naveen Jindal on popularity charts.

Incidentally, the Show also marks the beginning of a new statement where he is addressed as “Dr.” prefixed to his name. Dr. Subhash Chandra Show will be telecast on his news channel every Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm and 11 pm respectively where he will dump his ideas hoping youth would get benefitted and see him as a role model. The Doctorate Subhash Chandra has started prefixing to his name comes from the University of east London which also conferred similar doctorates to Sahara Chief Subrata Roy and Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallaya. One of the persons who is actively involved with University of East London also sits on the board of Subhash Chandra’s flagship Zee Entertainment.

Subhash Chandra’s attempt to jump into politics is expected to be formally announced next week, as he is said to be waiting for the election dates to be announced. There is ample likelihood that Subhash Chandra will get a BJP ticket or atleast blessings of BJP to fight as an Independent. Chautala’s INLD as well as Kuldip Bishnoi’s Haryana Vikas Party are believed to have offered Subhash Chandra to field weak candidates from whichever seats he stands from. Some people in the know indicate that Subhash Chandra’s team is busy mining data of Hissar Constituency, which happens to be his hometown and also the seat from where mother of his bête noire Naveen Jindal is a sitting MP on a Congress ticket.

Two years ago, Subhash Chandra in an internal arrangement with his brothers had divided the business empire, with him and his sons getting over 3/4th of the share, and rest 1/4th divided amongst 3 siblings. This year, Subhash Chandra in media interviews declared his succession plan with his Entertainment to Infrastructure Empire being split between his 2 sons in their late 30’s. The recently started wellness business in USA is said to remain independent and may not go to any of his 2 sons.

With his business empire split, Subhash Chandra as he turns 64 is shifting gear to a new avatar. A TV Show Anchor, a Politician and possibly a spiritual leader… The third to be announced after he reserves a seat for himself in the Haryana Assembly.

Who did the hit job on CBI Chief Ranjit Sinha…. Some Claim it was Santosh Rastogi sympathizer, other point fingers at Niira Radia, rest dump it on Big Bro of all.. Whispers from the Gossip mills…

The CBI Director Ranjit Sinha has come under fire yet again and the chances of extinguishing the fire under the saffron flames may not be as easy for the seasoned investigator as it was for him till 4 months back. While there are many stories doing rounds, one aspect that’s gone unspoken is the people who were behind the first leak targeting Sinha alongwith two top officials of Anil Ambani Group, Tony Jesudasan and A Sethuraman.

A line that’s being spoken by some sections who apparently are disturbed by Ranjit Sinha indicates that a sympathizer of the former 2G scam chief investigator Santosh Rastogi is the person who first revealed the 50 meetings over 15 months between the 2 ADAG henchmen with CBI Chief. Rastogi apparently had developed differences with Sinha on the 2G-scam investigation and was slowly sidelined later to be removed from the team. Incidentally, a SC Bench had recognized the tireless investigation conducted by Santosh Rastogi before Ranjit Sinha took over as CBI Chief from AP Singh.

The other version of the gossip mills drags the former notorious lobbyist Niira Radia, who is being alleged to have killed two birds with one stone by leaking the visit details of Tony Jesudasan to CBI Chief’s residence. Radia has been a lobbyist for Tata Group and Reliance Industries, both staunch corporate rivals of Anil Ambani Group. There have been strong rumors, which can never have any confirmation, that it was Tony Jesudasan who was behind the Niira Radia Tapes leaking to the media, ending the dream run of Radia to make her an untouchable in the corridors of Delhi.

Radia who has been in and out of controversy eversince was baffled after the CBI decided to probe the Tata – Unitech deal under the 2g Scam recently. Apparently Radia played the crucial role of the mediator between Tata and Unitech at that time, and has come under the scanner of CBI once again after Sinha directed his investigators to re-open the Tata – Unitech case. Rumor mongers allege that the notorious Tony Jesudasan played a major role in reopening of the investigation.

By targeting Tony Jesudasan and Ranjit Sinha together, Niira Radia is being alleged to have played the Avenger game. On one hand targeting the ageing Tony Jesudasan, who is the undisputed numero uno of Corporate Sleaze; and tainting Sinha by mere association of his name with a character like Tony Jesudasan whose dictionary has no word like “Morals” and “Ethics”. Incidentally its not only Radia but many more who were waiting for an opportunity to get back at Tony Jesudasan who are now ganging up to ensure that the man is officially declared a persona non grata by the government intelligentsia.

The other version floating is the hand of Big Bro who is apparently having a Cold War going on with his sibling. This version alleges that the series of miseries of RIL on Gas were handiwork of Tony Jesudasan, with or without blessings of Anil Ambani. Recently, a news report on CAG raising questions on the modus operandi of Mukesh Ambani to get 4G licenses was also being said to be done at behest of Tony Jesudasan. And that’s what made the Big Bro to set right the man who has been the biggest troublemaker for Mukesh Ambani before and after the patch up between Ambani brothers.

Reliance Insiders also claim that the news of Tony’s coziness with Ranjit Sinha was leaked by none other than a top topmost official of Anil Ambani Group as a part of the internal frictions. The topmost official is said to have clipped wings of Tony Jesudasan and was instrumental in closure of a department headed by the master of sleaze. Checks and Balances were put on the man who once oiled almost everyone in Delhi by some way or the other. The skullduggery king retaliated with a surrogate attack, forcing the top official to use his unofficial channel to bring heat on most nefarious element Delhi has ever seen.

Another rumor mill claims that cleansing Delhi forever from the likes of Tony Jesudasan was on the first 100-day agenda of the Modi Government; and the game was to start from the sleaziest of the lot. A version that would have been believable if the “rest of frequent visitors” to Ranjit Sinha’s residence was not mass circulated a day ago.

While rumors may come aplenty, the fact remains that whoever was behind the Hit Job on India’s topmost investigator coming under a question mark found Prashant Bhushan to be the best way to uncork the can of worms, before the top crisis manager jumped into action by dragging more names to save his own life.

CBI Chief on his way out ?? As a corporate drags more names to open Barrels of Worms for Ranjit Sinha to bail themselves out…

The CBI Chief has fallen in midst of a public probe after Subhash Chandra owned DNA newspaper blew the lid of Ranjit Sinha’s meetings with questionable elements at his residence. Meeting these questionable elements was not that big a question, but the frequency of such meetings did raise many a question marks that may see the end of a distinguished career a few weeks before Ranjit Sinha’s 2-year tenure comes to an end in December 2014. If reliable sources are to be believed, the CBI Chief may soon proceed on leave as the initial lot of questionable elements has ended up dragging a whole host of names to give them company.

It was way back in 1996, when many fingers pointed at Sinha a DIG with CBI incharge of probing the fodder scam where Bihar strongman Laloo Prasad Yadav was the main accused. It was alleged that Ranjit Sinha had toned down a report to shield Laloo from the Patna High Court. The controversy died its natural death. Even when Sinha was appointed the CBI Chief in December 2012, the current ruling party BJP, then in opposition, had questioned his appointed on technical grounds yet Sinha sailed through. This time, the sailing may not be as smooth as Ranjit Sinha reaches the last lap of his tenure as Chief of India’s Federal Police.

The whole story started with some photocopies of Ranjit Sinha’s residence visitor’s register finding their way into a leading media house. As the story goes, the media house decided to drop the story. Same was the story with two more media houses which either buckled under the pressure of Sinha or influence of one of the most nefarious white collared element Corporate India has ever seen. The aim supposedly was to get the story on Sinha’s visitor’s register and 50 visits by 2 Man Fridays of Anil Ambani to Sinha’s residence. Ambani’s firms are embroiled in midst of the 2G Scam and very recently Sinha has suggested a change in track in light of some new documents, which made the Former Special Public Prosecutor Uday Lalit furious. Sinha’s suggestions would have ended up derailing the 2G trial, which would have made a mockery of the system.

While in the first lot of leaks of Sinha’s residence visitors register, only 2 employees of Anil Ambani group were targeted, within a day of an affected person landing in India, the whole register naming many other questionable elements found its way to the media. After having supervised two of the biggest economic scams involving Corporates that have ever happened anywhere in the world, Sinha has come under a spell of “we were not the only one’s who met him frequently” syndrome. A spell he would find difficult to get out of. All eyes are now waiting for the PM Narendra Modi to take a call after landing from Japan. Will he allow Sinha to live for another 100 odd days, is a question whose answer may have been decided before the select excerpts of his residence visitors register started doing rounds of the media.

Subhash Chandra launches formal bid for Hissar Assembly Seat; Likely to file papers on BJP ticket after Savitri Jindal does on a Congress Ticket

The state of Haryana may have 90 assembly seats including the 17 reserved ones. But the one which will be under the spotlight would be the constituency of Hissar as Subhash Chandra makes up his mind whether to take the Jindal Matriarch Savitri Jindal head on or not. Sources close to a camp claim that Subhash Chandra is facing resistance from his own family elders from Hissar to avoid a head on fight with the widow of Late O.P. Jindal who commands tremendous goodwill in the city, and from the same Aggarwal community to which Subhash also belongs.

Some unreliable sources, but from anti-Jindal camp, also add that there were indications in early August of Savitri Jindal getting a BJP ticket from Hissar. A switchover that may have led to Naveen Jindal hopping over to the BJP gradually. A move that Subhash Chandra wanted to nip in the bud forever in future, making him to jump into active politics himself after contemplating to field a close family member.

Hereon, Subhash Chandra has two choices after having secured a seat for himself from the BJP. Either he can immediately announce that he is taking on Savitri Jindal directly, or wait for Savitri Jindal to file her nomination and then make his formal move. Strategists of Subhash Chandra are said to be contemplating the timing on his announcement and waiting for a visit to Hissar by Naveen Jindal where he is expected to hold public meetings.

A section of elderly members of Aggarwal community fear that entry of Subhash may divide the votes of Agroha clan, giving an upper hand in the area to Jats who dominate Haryana politics. Subhash Chandra though has bigger plans to control around 20 constituencies enveloping Hissar for gaining a firm foothold as a prominent face of BJP in Haryana. Confidants claim that Subhash is sure of being the regional chieftain of atleast 15 MLA’s post Haryana elections, with BJP expected to capture around 60 of the 90 seats.

Three out of the Top Ten foot soldiers of Jindal family and Congress in Hissar have formally moved to BJP and atleast 2 more are expected to follow suit as this month progresses. Raising a big question mark on dominance of Jindal family in Hissar district, it is rumored that a local squad owing their allegiance to Subhash had a major role to play in the Jindal loyalists changing loyalties. Political handlers of Jindal facing rough weather from March 2014 are under pressure for failing to keep the loyalists under the Jindal umbrella at this crucial juncture where political future of Naveen Jindal is under a major question depending on results of Haryana Assembly.

Some sections of critics of Jindal in the Congress are expecting Jindal to rejuvenate and re-form a crack team to assist him in these testing times by targeting the same 20 seats which Subhash wants to envelop under his dominance. September – October 2014 are going to be tough months for Naveen Jindal, who recently has started wearing a impeccably crafted emerald in his little finger of the right hand just above the Mount of Mercury. The Green emerald that brings peace of mind, bringing good fortune and disrupting the harm from litigations and disputes by appeasing planet Mercury. Jindal foes on the other hand crack a joke that even Planet Mercury cannot go against Subhash whose surname Chandra is synonymous with Moon, the father of Planet Mercury as per Hindu scriptures.

Who will hold Hissar incidentally is synonymous to Who will hold the Fort… Hissar being the Arabic meaning of the English word Fort.. That’s what Subhash Chandra is aiming for by end of 2014, to mark the end of Second volume of Zee Jindal Saga. Subhash mauling his Piscean bete noire, currently under Mahadasha of Venus, under no circumstances will be a cakewalk. That too inspite of 44 something Naveen Jindal, born under Saturn Mahadasha, being all set to come under the influence of Sun’s Mahadasha in mid-2015 for six long years. Sun being the father of Saturn and Saturn forever unable to bear the heat of Sun; being the only hope for Subhash Chandra whose Zee TV once had a signature jingle, “Ummed se Jage Zindagi” – Hope brightens Life… 

Zee takes on Corporatized Coal “Mafiosi” in their hunger to malign Naveen Jindal to pits. Question BJP on seeking exemption for 46 blocks from cancellation.

The Zee Empire in their thirst to malign Naveen Jindal as the poster boy of coal scam has gone a step too far by jumping in by questioning the “relief sought” by the Attorney General Mukul Rohtagi for exempting the 46 operational coal blocks from cancellation by the Supreme Court.

In their latest rendezvous and another field day at expense of Naveen Jindal, Zee has questioned the jurisprudence of exemptions to 46 coal blocks aiming to restrict it to 28. Its not clear from current date as to how many blocks of Jindal will fall under the 18 coal blocks which came under operations post CAG report and September 2012.

Another interesting figure that has come up in a debate on Zee is the Rs. 8800 crore investments made for mining coal from the 46 coal blocks, as against the varied claims of Industry ranging from Rs. 2 lakh crore to Rs. 5 lakh crore. On one hand the Rs. 2 lakh plus crore figures do appear huge considering that the steel and power plants did depend on the captive coal blocks allocated to them. On the other hand big players like Adani, Tata and even Sajjan Jindal did not make a serious bid to get the captive blocks for their plants. As and when clearer figures emerge, it would be interesting to note the impact on players with captive mines and competitive benefit to those without captive mines.

However, Zee has trudged on a path where they are going ahead with a single objective without looking at the larger rationale. The power plants that need coal to light up many homes and run many machines cannot ride on free airwaves news channels like Zee make windfall gains from. Tomorrow if a CAG report comes on how entertainment czars like Subhash Chandra have built empires riding on licenses with “paltry fees” to the national exchequer, Zee News may forget their stances on Spectrum and Coal to come to the rescue of their owner. There is a limit to stretch the rivalry too far, to end up hurting those who had nothing to do with the Zee Jindal battle of late 2012.


Naveen Jindal as confident of Congress Win in Haryana assembly, as Subhash Chandra’s commitment to BJP for repeat of Parliamentary results

The biggest political face off after the Narendra Modi – Arvind Kejriwal battle of Benaras is set to be repeated in the terrains of Hissar. According to a highly placed source, Subhash Chandra hoping to ride on pro-Modi and Pro-BJP wave has been committing a clean sweep for the Saffron party if a successful professional like him is given the reins of a leaderless BJP in Haryana.

Teams of Subhash Chandra’s Essel empire alongwith consultants are said to be camping in Haryana chalking out an on-ground strategy to project the homecoming of sorts by Subhash Chandra after making a mark in the global world of entertainment. The buzz that is expected to gain ground by end of this week is that Subhash Chandra may be projected as one of the 4 pillars of BJP’s leadership in Haryana assembly elections.

By early next week, there is high likelihood that Subhash Chandra’s team will start releasing (formally or informally) the lack of progress in 10 years of Congress government in Haryana. Under direct attack will be the Jindal family owing to the bitter rivalry between Naveen Jindal and Subhash Chandra. Sources close to Zee camp indicate that Chandra is happy with Congress giving a major role to Naveen Jindal, as the Saffron-Wash of 2014 will pose a serious threat to Political Future of Naveen Jindal. 

The taint of coal may end up sidelining a deserving Jindal for political reasons as Congress back room strategists prepare to firm up a Plan 2019 by early 2015. By which time Subhash Chandra has vowed to take JSPL to the levels it was in Year 2004, if not in turnover but in market value. The only hindrance which stands between the clear road for Chandra to fulfill his vow is none other than a man whose dictionary has no word or synonym of “loose”. If it were not the Man of Steel Naveen Jindal as the hindrance, Subhash Chandra would have won the battle of 2019 by end-2014.


Ravi Uppal’s prediction on resolving Coal Shortage falls flat under his jinx yet again as Naveen Jindal Promoted JSPL hit hard by SC ruling

Looking at the past precedents, it is high time that media strategists of Naveen Jindal promoted JSPL get smart and start practice of a reverse briefing of the MD and CEO Ravi Uppal. For that appears to be the only situation where the company carefully curated by Naveen Jindal can achieve the desired results. An emphatic example of how everything that Ravi Uppal announces boomerangs is an announcement made by him on August 5 2014 where he expressed his confidence of resolving the iron ore and coal shortages JSPL was facing.

In a matter of 20 days, yet another prediction of the MD who got his jinx to loom large on future of Naveen Jindal’s business empire has not only bitten dust but raised a sand storm on the future of coal security of pre-2012 star performer. That’s what is an almost unanimous tone amongst Jindal old timers who have given their mind, body and soul to translate Naveen Jindal’s dream to reality.

Today, JSPL is standing at crossroads where Naveen Jindal is left with no option but to take a firm grip Soonafter he is free from Haryana Assembly elections. The investments made by the company in Coal fields is likely to get a major hit as the SC proceedings more further this month. An impact which markets are yet to register will come in form of an additional levy indicated at around Rs. 295 per tonne of coal, applicable on the 46 mines that are said to be operational. This amount itself will be a huge burden in future on the steel and power business which would take time for normalcy to return as and when price hikes happen.

A penalty of Rs. 295 per tonne if levied retrospectively will further leave a loophole in the reserves and surplus position of the JSPL balance sheet. Industry already fears the penalty to be levied with retrospective effect to make good the notional loss the national exchequer has allegedly incurred basis models and hypothetical calculations of CAG.

And little did Ravi Uppal realize that at a time when almost every power major was ruing about coal shortage, he did open his mouth expressing confidence to resolve the coal shortage. The result was no different from what’s been his report card, from the time he started discussions to take over as MD of the once star performer. The solution though remains simple for JSPL to salvage. Make Ravi Uppal speak exactly the reverse of what’s going to benefit Naveen Jindal promoted JSPL.

The slow poison of Coal, mined out by Subhash Chandra’s Zee, set to dig up new Pits for Naveen Jindal’s Steel and Power Empire.

Over 2 ½ years back, a leaked draft report of CAG shook the nation with screaming headlines depicting a Rs 10 lakh crore notional loss to the nation due to coal block allocations. A few months later the notional loss drastically shrunk to Rs. 1.76 lakh crore, yet remained ballistic enough to shake many business empire deep down to their roots. An example of a business empire that stands shaken up from its core is the carefully curated business model rightfully patented to Naveen Jindal, if he had applied for one.

It was the remarkable long-term foresight of Naveen Jindal to integrate backwards going to the unexplored terrains to dig out coal from far-flung locales, making JSPL the most profitable Steel and Power major. The core strength of JSPL today stands under a big question mark with the government indicating its willingness to impose an additional Rs. 259 per tonne levy on coal miners excavating coal for their steel and power units. A move on these lines will in effect drive the costs of JSPL’s raw material consumption to levels that make captive mining nearly uneconomical unless there is a direct rise in the sale price of their steel and electricity.

Secondly, government has clearly indicated its willingness to Auction the coal mines after they are cancelled by the SC. An auction in effect may create a spectrum like scenario ending up making the consumers bear the brunt of corporate and political rivals settling scores amongst themselves. Third yet equally important point is the tight control government is set to get on the future coal block allocations courtesy directions of the Supreme Court.

Subhash Chandra’s Zee News is having a ball by propagating miseries of Naveen Jindal’s business empire after the coal controversies. More pits are said to be under digging up process, as the CBI is rumored to be filing the Chargesheet in JSPL case in the run up to Haryana elections, as Naveen Jindal grapples between a SC Judgment and forthcoming assembly polls, leaving the field wide open for Subhash Chandra’s army to punch holes in.

Probability of a Truce between Subhash Chandra and Naveen Jindal getting eliminated fast; though the end still remains far..

The once bright looking chances of a truce between Subhash Chandra and Naveen Jindal to end the 2 year long rivalry are getting eliminated faster than the rumors they emanated over a month ago. Reliable sources claim that inspite of an unconditional treaty being offered from interlocutors representing the Jindal Camp, Subhash Chandra is all set to respond by announcing to contest Assembly elections against sitting MLA Savitri Jindal from Hissar. Before bringing the face-off to this stage, Subhash Chandra has ensured that the doors of BJP remain shut for the Congressman Naveen Jindal, if Chandra manages to show his magic at Hissar.

Moving one step further, Subhash Chandra may be eyeing the topmost slot of BJP in Haryana as the State remains bereft of a Haryanvi Leader from the saffron party. Once upon a time it was rumored that Naveen Jindal too nursed the same ambition of becoming the Chief Minister of Haryana, a dream which may elude him for atleast the next 5 years unless the winds of change show some magic in the next 6 weeks.

After slamming Subhash Chandra hard in late 2012 where it hurts the most, Naveen Jindal has remained on the receiving end from the veteran Hissarite. Independent watchers claim a contrasting difference between the two men from Hissar. Chandra is said to be a man who takes his own decisions and has stood firm on his grounds that the only thing that can end this war is a clinching victory for him to restore his pride built over 44 years.

On the contrary, the 44-year-old Jindal is said to be a man who has been surrounded by advisors who time and again show him the beating JSPL has taken from a meticulous plan executed under directions of Subhash. While Subhash keeps his artillery and infantry on guard all the time, Jindal is rumored to be oscillating between his deep desire to hit back with equal force, and the pressure on him from his close quarters to show the white flag.

Chandra on one hand remains silent and keeps marching forward on his planned attack, Jindal in hope of a truce keeps juggling between offense and defence, often ending up confusing himself. The deep impact of attack by Subhash is planned meticulously a year, few months and quarters in advance; on the other hand Jindal camp wants a Maggi Noodles kind of result in 2-minutes flat.

The series of battles which have seen no end till date, are all set to get more intense, unless Naveen Jindal – strangulated by his advisors to patch up – comes out to play his natural game. As the whole army of Subhash Chandra put together is no match for the Man of Steel, when he wholeheartedly decides to take the fight to the enemies camp, sheerly based on his own caliber; to which veteran Subhash Chandra is no match.

Ruler of India’s News Winds Subhash Chandra to test Nerves of Man of Steel Naveen Jindal as Battle of Kurukshetra moves to Hissar

The Battle of Kurukshetra, fought between staunch rivals, is all set to shift to a new ground, as assembly elections of Haryana are scheduled to be announced anytime now. The bitter rivalry between Steel Czar Naveen Jindal and Media Baron Subhash Chandra will witness the biggest test of the past two years as both prepare to take on each other in their hometown Hissar. A town which is historically known for fiefdoms of recognized warriors for the first time will witness a commercial rivalry gone political after Chandragupta Maurya’s legendary battle with Greeks and later regaining its prominence under Firoz Shah Tuglaq.

With all the makings of a popular Bollywood flick, while Naveen Jindal may say, “Mere Pass Maa Hai”, Subhash Chandra is all set to announce his political foray by a fitting reply, “Mere Saath Modi Hai”. The media baron is all set to ride the Pro-Modi, Pro-BJP wave to be elected as the representative of people of Hissar before he turns 64 years of age on 30th November this year. Challenging the legend of the legendary Steel baron Late O.P. Jindal and his family, Subhash Chandra would be taking on the fight to be elected as MLA from Hissar with none other than Savitri Jindal, the matriarch of Jindal family and the richest Indian woman.

Naveen Jindal on the other hand has been given a major role by the Congress in the forthcoming Haryana Assembly elections by appointing him as the Chairperson of the Publicity Committee. A task that would be highly intricate to handle for the 44 year old super human Naveen Jindal, whose recent loss in the Parliamentary elections has been claimed as an emphatic victory by Subhash Chandra. As reported by the blogger on 26 August, Subhash Chandra was likely to get a major back room strategist role for BJP’s foray in Haryana, and possibly a MLA ticket of his choice. The media baron is said to have finally decided to wear a saffron kurta and a formal announcement is likely to be made by BJP by end of this week, or in the week beginning 22nd September.

The staunch rivalry which came out in the open in October 2012 is all set to take political color with Jindal being one of the prominent faces of Congress and Chandra for BJP from their home state and home town. A face to face battle in the Haryana polls between Naveen Jindal’s mother Savitri Devi Jindal and Subhash Chandra would be interesting to watch for reasons more than many.