Mukesh Ambani aims to Gag Arvind Kejriwal’s Freedom of Speech being streamed live

The social reform activist turned political leader of Aam Aadmi Party Arvind Kejriwal may soon find himself speechless as India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani is believed to have served a legal notice on several TV news channels for “live” airing of anti-corruption activist’s allegations against him in October and November 2012. If successful in gagging the media where he does not have shareholding interests (direct or indirect), Mukesh Ambani would have virtually stitched the lips of Arvind Kejriwal whose “old wine in new bottle” exposes had started becoming stale for the channels which had been filling their airtime with biting bytes of a pillar of India Against Corruption (IAC) movement.


The “unofficial” gag order on Kejriwal-speak was released by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, in December 2012, demanding “a retraction and an unconditional apology in the form approved and acceptable to our clients” within three days from the receipt of the notice. It is not clear whether the notice has been sent to newspapers and magazines which may uphold Kejriwal’s Right to be Read, or Right to be Heard Deferred Live. After being shunned by co-crusaders Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi from the IAC family, Kejriwal had found an able supporter in PIL-specialist lawyer Prashant Bhushan ( veteran of many Corporate and Political encounters) who was seen sitting next to him during all Press Conferences as the political kid-on-the-block exercised his Freedom of Speech relentlessly at expense of Robert Vadra, Mukesh Ambani, Nitin Gadkari, Narendra Modi, Ranjan Bhattacharya, Niira Radia and Gautam Adani.

Kejriwal had risen to fame as the right hand man of Anna Hazare with well-researched social issues though emphasized with their patent hunger strikes at Boat Club. After Hazare disowned the politically inclined Kejriwal, his first two expose’s did stir the nation when both Congress and BJP went on a back-foot. However, being unable to find well-researched juicy issues to keep the media-thirst alive, Kejriwal’s last press conference in early-December 2012 was nearly a no-show by the TV channels where he termed Narendra Modi Government as Gautan Adani’s Dukaan. In the previous show too, Kejriwal pulled out an old tape from the Radia Tapes stable whose Outlook – Congress being Mukesh Ambani’s Dukaan – had already been heard as the corporate lobbyists chatted with foster son-in-law of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee.


Political flavor does dilute the social activist label, is clear from the emerging trends of Kejriwal’s swan songs, unless he is able to find the Right topics to exercise his Right to be Read and Heard Deferred Live. Till then, Mukesh Ambani’s notice will merely keep Arvind Kejriwal gagged from his Freedom of Speech to be aired live.

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OPEN LETTER TO MR. ARVIND KEJRIWAL : “Don’t Just Play a Niira Radia to an Aam Aadmi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, many Tapes and Transcripts are Craving for a Call.

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40 thoughts on “Mukesh Ambani aims to Gag Arvind Kejriwal’s Freedom of Speech being streamed live

  1. i m waiting to see mr kejriwal speak against Jindals. but alas….he doest utter a single word against the company in which his father was a reputed employee.

      • That is the reason one have better opportunity to better exposer of immediate benefit and how to take advantage of being and use of corruption. Let us look forward to the days when we can come out of such coercional tactic.

    • pls dont upload your knowledge…..let Amabani to sent legal notice to close Social media also….but the real spark is given by aravindji….now any ambabani or tata can steal our mind soul and wealth. AAP is the base stone for the revolution.

  2. This article itself seems to have been written by Ambanis against Arvind Kejriwal. These Ambanis are sucking poor Indians blood to become the richest in the world.

    • There is a search option on all blog posts in this blog. Just scroll down to the bottom and search for “mukesh ambani’. If you still think that this article seems to be written by one of the “embanks”, do search “anil ambani” too. If you still want to give credit to any other corporate house or individual, then do sent some juicy stuff (with substantiation) or links to any website and wait for a post on them.

      • This was the only comment that the blogger thought was worthy of responding to. Repeated attempts to directly email this response on have failed. While this Prakash may exist in reality under some other name, the email ID mentioned by him while sending his comment doesn’t exist.
        Prakash, hope you have read the above. You can post your fresh comments under the same or any other assumed name.

      • I am done with the government and its stale working. Tell me what can I do about it? Whenever I try to something, people like you come up with useless excuses and idiotic reasons to put me down. You seem to be more worried about stale methods of Kejriwal than shameless ways in which Ambani twists the government. Tell me strategy which AK can use to win votes of idiots like you and me who are happy to be cynical when it comes to AK but are oh so sure about credentials of PM, Ambani, Sonia or Rahul??? And if you really wish to communicate. My id works!

  3. My heartfelt sympathies are with Arvind Kejriwal. Money however always rules the world. It gags the truth and freedom of speech even in US; the so called most powerful democracy. Mukesh Ambani has a lot of money, political and muscle power and honestly I don’t know what any one from the masses can do about it.

    • dealing with cheep type of people,you have got to do more cheep things which is against the principles of people like Arvind Kejriwal’s dignity but once they will leave that path to come down to do something, will be devastating fo the formers. There are many examples in the world.

    • “Unke paas Dhan hai, power hai, shashan hai . Hammare paas kya hai?”

      ” Hamare paas Vote hai ” Let politicians compete with each other for the votes. Don’t be a rubber stamp. That is what we can do. French govt was not weaker but it still faced a revolution when they failed to respond to the miseries of people. They didn’t have votes. But we have. I plan to stand up and raise our issues , local and national when the politicians come and hold rallies. I would like you also do it. Then see what happens in a year. Best of luck. Don;t say again that masses can’t do any thing

      • When did i say masses cant do anything. But if u look at the voting percentage in India, its not even 70%. Till people exercise their right to vote, politicians will hold rallies and promise the moon to gullible voters. Do stand up and raise the issues. People like you can indeed make a positive difference to our futures.

  4. I will not buy any products and services of Reliance company because it is destroying the whole wealth of a common man by taking these kind of actions.


  5. Reliance Group or Ambani family is built on unethical, chore practices. I dont buy any Reliance or Ambani company product…every one should reject these basterds..

  6. When Kejriwal speak about modi and rss he doesn’t care about relegion(hindu-muslim) becasue they speak for hindus but when some one ask his party about bukhari and owaisi they have only one answer don’t talk on relegion(hindu-muslim) because they speak for muslim which is real secularism of india….now crying becasue ambani shuts his mouth and supporting modi…kejriwal go to hell i want to beat you by my sandal…

    • arya when kejriwal talked about khurshid, does he saw cast? as you are saying….Please dont divert the people on old fashioned castism. Sala iss bharat se cast hi nikaal dete pahle to acha hota…

  7. Myself it is very crucial time to sustain the lower middle class in India. whatever this government is partially or fully dependent on the vote of lower middle or lower upper class people. But this type of few people who directly or indirectly control the government & we like citizen of India wait for tomorrow good. We must wake up and need to hardly refuse any kind of such phenomena may be ……………………

  8. we can try to avoid the purchasing from reliance stores as much as possible,and also not use reliance phones,,,we people of India now boycott RELIANCE complitely as soon as possible.

  9. Let him also try to stop. I think he does not know the power of trueth, he will realize. Let the time come to give our Aam Admi stick to Kejriwal.

  10. AAM AADMI PARTY is only the solution ..for all problems…support aam aadmi party…
    arvind ji is our hero…hiimmat hai tum arvind bhai jaisa karke dikhao

    • nice yaar. sale bahakane wale anginat milte rahenge zindagi mein par koi acha honest mile to log vishwas hi nahi karte. logon ko aadat ho gai hai kide makodon ki zindagi ki

  11. Ambani Family – The real lootmars of this country, Father & Sons corrupt to the core, evaded huge taxes and common people (aamaadmi) burdened – Blacklist, Boycott & Ban Reliance! Jago Hind Jago!!

  12. Definition of truth(Satya ) is that -Truth is the thing which always exists. Let us understand truth, speak truth and act truthfully.Truth can not be suppressed for a long time or gagged There is an old saying -“Sachhayi chuppa nahi sakti jhoothe asoolon se,khusboo aa nahi sakti kagaz ke phoolon se”

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