100 days past India’s Amanat brutal gang-rape in Delhi, our heads still hang in shame

It was hardly one hundred days ago that burning issue of India’s Amanat has boiled blood of a few hundred million Indians who were out on the roads and up in arms against the brutal sexual assault on a young lady in Delhi. While this young lady was fighting for life ably assisted by Critical Life support systems, headlines and analysis of every media house in India focused on the barbaric incident and the larger issues of Crimes against Women it raised.


Its over a hundred days now and the boiling bloods seem to have cooled down post Delhi winter. The opinion makers and Analysts who were adding their two bits in newspaper quotes and TV debates seem to have found newer and fresher issues to blabber endlessly. And the media per se has gotten engaged in other speculations on host of issues varying from Chopper Deal to Ambani Sibling patch up, from Mulayam Singh’s and Narendra Modi’s to Subrata Roy’s and Gautam Adani’s, from Sanjay Dutt’s conviction to Manoj Kumar suing Shahrukh Khan.

Everyone seems to have forgotten what there 100 day ago daughter, sister, friend Amanat underwent. Everyone seems to have forgotten the ordeal she went through under hands of 6 barbarians. An ordeal whose victim could have been any other girl who would have innocuously walked into that bus on that fateful evening. In what is more shameful is the fact that the Delhi Police has reported a drastic rise in the crimes against women between January to February 15th 2013, the 7-8 week period when the Amanat outrage was at its peak.

women safety 1

What would come as a shock to many, the reported cases of Rape in Delhi have gone up by 200% in a matter of one year. What does it mean? Was the Amanat public outrage temporary and an issue taken up by the media till there was news value in it? Have we forgotten what a young lady had to undergo at hands of criminals of the highest degree? Nothing seems to have changed. No law, no policing, no public outrage can change the occurrences of sexual crimes against women in India and its Capital city?  It’s not only the government and the police machinery that can be solely held responsible. Each one of us common citizens of India are equally responsible for letting this happen.


As per news reports, the number foreign female tourists to India have gone down by 35%. Post Amanat incident, the number of gun licenses applied by women in Delhi has already doubled between January to March. No doubt why the United Nations Gender Inequality Index 2012 ranks India as 132 out of 187 nations. Another matter of shame for us Indians.






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